The final programme of ResArtis Regional Meeting is ready!

ResArtis Regional Meeting starts in less than a week and NAC is glad to announce the final programme  of the meeting (PDF to download). Abstracts and Bios are here to download.


A huge success for an open call for "Counterhegemony"

Nida Art Colony and the invited curator Andrea Liu are happy to announce that the open call for "Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context" was a great success: over 170 applications were received from countries all around the globe, including France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, South Korea, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines.


Call for the position of Nida Doctoral School coordinator

This call is for Lithuanian speaking candidates. Please refer to Lithuanian version of this site.

Call for the A-I-R Krems Grant for August 2015

This call is for Lithuanian artists only, for details, please visit Lithuanian version of the website.

Nida A-I-R in September

 MG 8269 Large

Tanya Busse and Camila Cañeque

Four artists, colorful personalities: Albert Allgaier (AU), Camila Cañeque (ES), Virginia de Diego (ES), Tanya Busse (CAN/NO) will stay at the Nida Art Colony in Autumn.


Winners of the Neringa Municipality Grant 2014 Announced

According to the decision of the board, the grant goes to Rūta Junevičiūtė and Nikolas Matranga and their project Č. More information on the Lithuanian version of the website.

(non)Science at Nida Art Colony

We often assume art and science to be far from each other, oftentimes - as rivals. But more often than not science- and pseudo-theories, which were thought to be valid, are denied and the way we perceive the world changes. During the "Migrating Art Academies" workshop young artists will immerse themselves into scientific and social facts approved as valid or denied, and will work on concepts of the real and the imaginable. 

All interested are welcome to attend public lectures:

Tuesday, the 2nd of September
10:00 – 13:00 Ian Damerell. Lecture: Seeing Things Through Things

Thursday, the 4th of September
10:00 – 11:00 Arturas Raila. Lecture: Primitive Sky
11:30 – 13:00 Mindaugas Gapševičius. Lecture: At the edge of arts and sciences

Friday, the 5th of September
10:00 Alan Smith. Lecture: On the notion of being

More info here


DEADLINE for the artist fellowship program "Art in a Social Context" is Sept.17, 2014

Late Deadline: September 20th (It is preferred applications are sent in by September 17th, but we will consider late applications until September 20th).

Unfortunately due to the high number of applicants, we are only able to contact those we are interested in interviewing. Everybody we are interested in interviewing will be contacted by September 30.

"Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context" is a 7 week Artist Fellowship Program at NIDA Art Colony that looks at genealogy, or the epistemic context within which bodies of knowledge become intelligible and authoritative, as a point of departure in art production. It is aimed at any art or cultural production that exists within or in reference to social forms of resistance that coalesce in opposition to hegemonic structures.