(non)Science at Nida Art Colony

We often assume art and science to be far from each other, oftentimes - as rivals. But more often than not science- and pseudo-theories, which were thought to be valid, are denied and the way we perceive the world changes. During the "Migrating Art Academies" workshop young artists will immerse themselves into scientific and social facts approved as valid or denied, and will work on concepts of the real and the imaginable. 

All interested are welcome to attend public lectures:

Tuesday, the 2nd of September
10:00 – 13:00 Ian Damerell. Lecture: Seeing Things Through Things

Thursday, the 4th of September
10:00 – 11:00 Arturas Raila. Lecture: Primitive Sky
11:30 – 13:00 Mindaugas Gapševičius. Lecture: At the edge of arts and sciences

Friday, the 5th of September
10:00 Alan Smith. Lecture: On the notion of being

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Deadline for the artist fellowship program "Art in a Social Context" is Sept.17, 2014

"Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context" is a 7 week Artist Fellowship Program at NIDA Art Colony that looks at genealogy, or the epistemic context within which bodies of knowledge become intelligible and authoritative, as a point of departure in art production. It is aimed at any art or cultural production that exists within or in reference to social forms of resistance that coalesce in opposition to hegemonic structures.



 MG 8206 Large

Vsevolodas Kovalevskis photos. More photos


Neringa Municipality Grant

The Grant is for the Lithuanian artists. For more details please check Lithuanian version of the website.

Nida A-I-R in August

On a hot, lazy August, last month of summer, please welcome six energetic residents at the Nida Art Colony. The field of interests of the residents is rather wide and dinamic. Coralie Vogelaar is in search for the EU identity, Adomas Butrimas will work on Lithuanian prehistoric art history, volume I, Rudolfas Levulis has a plan to document a whole Lithuanian state border, Elena Dvoreckaja and Gediminas Šiaulys (Pet Punk) will work on presenting subject of death in a 3D animation, Katharina Swoboda explores a relation between nature and a human body.

swoboda stills

Katharina Swoboda, stills from the film Holding breath’, 2014.


Cooltūristės: Antropology of the Underground

Last summer (August 2013) artist group Cooltūristės was on residency in Nida Art Colony curated residency programme "Critical Tourism". During their stay the artists were working on an artistic research project with a goal to document the invisible life in Neringa. 

They were knocking on the doors of the locals in order to find out where do the locals go when they rent our their appartments and whole houses to the summer tourists; where do penny-less students and low-income families come for their vacation. Through a photo-camera lense the artists were seeking to understand how these unusual life conditions trigger creativity and what sort of daily rituals are forming in this unseen millieu. 

The outcome of the project - a photo exhibition - will be presented in "Agila" culture and tourist information center (Taikos g.4) on the 11th of August, and will run up to the 1st of September. All are welcome to the opening at 19.00 on the 11th of August. 

Nida Doctoral Summer School to Start in a Week

One week left to the start of the second Nida Doctoral Summer School ARTISTIC RESEARCH: THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE. Although Jacques Rancière will not come to Nida this time, his texts on the concept of the image and politics of contemporary art will be examined and  discussed by a group of twenty researchers from seven European Universities. Rancière fans from outside the project are welcome to the lectures and discussions on August 11-15, 18 and 21. Read more...

Photo source: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Rancière

Migrating Art Academies: Call for Applications

Creative MigAA workshop, entitled "The Sun Had Exploded Before We Found Out It Would", will take place on the 1st - 15th of September in Nida, Lithuania. During the workshop emerging artists will be encouraged to creatively explore scientific news and to exercise their imagination by answering or speculating the questions of being, space and depth. 

Application deadline for the new MigAA laboratory is July 31st. For statements, please use our online application form. Invited artists will be granted travel costs and accommodation.