The exhibition “HUB” by former resident Tomas Martišauskis in Kaunas

Tomas Martisauskis

Our former resident Tomas Martišauskis opens an exhibition “HUB” at the POST gallery in Kaunas on 10th of November. Some of the works have been developed during his residency at VAA Nida Art Colony.

The exposition's retrospective in the exhibition becomes a single cause, entire, which creates ties through objective means, reveals the universal principal of lie. Every relation of existing matter with it becomes our unquestioning daily experience. As if in the review of the cultural artifacts exhibited in related subjects, it appear shapes like a projection, shadow, screen, holographic identity, prints, structure, levitator, photo object, filter, drapery, illustration when:

- all elements become equally important links to the metering center;
- when the cunning of artificial intelligence became a sensation only yesterday and forcibly left scientists to scare their work;
- when the characteristics of the perfect deceiver described by the psychologists exactly coincide with the main motto of self-improvement textbooks;
- when the ethics of deception become the norm in gross political manipulation;
- when Buratin of Lev Tolstoy regains the opportunity to become a man in plastic surgery clinics, taking over the capitalist history of Pinocchio;
- when the plurality of aliases is propagated through fiber optics throughout the entire web space;
- when the truth is abominable, while falsehood shines with its quirky beauty;
- when we deceive by choice, we feel the greatest pleasure;
- when during a trip unexpectedly discovering the clutter of your own navigator;
- when there are only such idiosyncrasies that an era allows opportunity
for being;
- when the lie becomes the reason for the creation and its development does not go through its forms in the diversity of objects;
- when Epimenid claims that the statement located below is false;
- when he replies at the same time that the statement located above is correct;
- when the lie becomes the author's entire, formed from the connection between the past shadow theater and the hologram tomorrow's projection;
- when intelligently detected post-truth emotion denies undisputable facts;
- when the supreme form of false manifests itself through the proclamation of truth in such ways that no one has the wish to believe;
- when all reality is potentially a lie and such balance is maintained only by agreements and their foundations;
- when conscience is still attacked by the dekalo's sins, and with every fall, they become more and more clear values;
- when such a transformation can lose all that is stable, who acquires the coefficient of faith;
- when, once successfully lie, feel that conversion, and the innocent and open lie gradually becomes self-evoked as a pretext for refining their disadvantages or fulfilling their desires;
- when the illusionist fills his glory as a reward for his fists, and such innocent deception as a pleasant surprise shakes the viewer and gives him a blessing;
- when satisfaction to be deceived becomes a daily pleasure in looking at the face of the make-up illusion;
- when fragments of a psychosocial state take on their forms in matter;
- when the exposition comes from words that have become bodies in the circumstances;
- when old news finds itself in the news circle;
- when the place and time are based on the universal law of attraction.

The exhibition be on show until December 2, 2017

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