Nida A-I-R in December 2017

Photo by Skaistė Marčienė
We are pleased to announce our new residents Nicola Godman (SE/CA), Evamaria Müller (AT) and Anna-Sofie Lugmeier (DE), Teodora Nikčevic (ME), Neja Tomšic (SI) who are taking part in VAA Nida Art Colony’s Artist-In-Residency programme in December.
Evamarija Anna Sofie 2-001
Photo by Peter Paul Aufreiter

The artist duo rendezvous3000, consisting out of Evamaria Liane Müller (AT) and Anna-Sofie Lugmeier (DE), are studying and working on an analogue as well as a digital Archive, which collects different fragments of Memory. Decomposed and subsequently transformed into narrative fragments they find their destiny in interactive multimedia exhibition shows.

During the time of the residency the artists will work on a (audio)book-hybrid, with text and sound as a narrative proposal that introduces settings in a laboratory way. It engages in dialog with the encountered cartographic composition and acts as a script that can furthermore lead to a musical or cinematographic interpretation. 

portraitphoto nicola-001
Photo from the artist's archive

Nicola Godman (SE/CA) (b. 1989) graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie with BA of Arts in Fine Arts in 2016. Using a mix of sculpture, poetry, performance, film and photography in her projects, Nicola Godman engages with particular chosen sites. In her practice her interest lays in the artistic agency in the transformation of public space and the role of technology and documentation. Grounding the work in research and sculptural interventions in the landscape outside. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

During her residency Nicola plans to go deeper into her research of disrupted panoramic images, where she is curious of the technological attempts and societal motifs of creating imagery illusion. The artist will combine her practice of sculptural interventions with video and photography to investigate possible disruptions in the landscape around Nida. 

Teodora Nikcevic photo-001
Photo from the artist's archive

Teodora Nikčevic (ME) (b. 1986) graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, University of Montenegro art Specialist ( painting in 2009. And relieved BA in painting, Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, University of Montenegro in 2008. In her works Teodora continuously engaged in the phenomena of perception, illusion and fragility of identity, personal memories and death.

During her residency at NAC she would like to focus on this idea of a photographic print being both representation and an object in its own. Teodora wants to give to photography a sculptural quality, making the back of photographic prints also visible, collapsing the notion of front and back. Teoroda is asking, how constant push for adaptation and improvement concern us, our bodies and anxieties and the approach of death. 


Neja Tomsic Caj za pet 052foto.nada.zgank-001Neja Tomšič (SI) is a visual artist, poet and writer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since graduating in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, she has been part of several group and solo exhibitions, performing and publishing poetry and prose, among other. She completed the PhD program at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper (SI), and is writing her dissertation on documentary cinema and related practices in the contemporary art context, especially Belgian post-colonialism.

During the residency Neja Tomšič will work on an artist book for her project “Tea for Five: Opium Clippers”. Tea for five: The Opium Clippers is a visual essay joining hand painted ceramics and performance. The central part of the project are five hand painted custom made ceramics tea sets depicting the history of tea and opium trade from mid 18th to late 19th century in China. The history of the opium fleet isn’t just a look at this historic period, but it also explains and ties together the implications for the general understanding of political and social conditions today.