A performative feast at the KIOSK

kaip iskepti gulbe

We will end the year with a performative feast “How to Bake a Swan?” by Marija Nemčenko (LT/UK) on 29th of December at 4pm at the temporary project space “Kiosk” on the main (Taikos) street in Nida. The last show this year will be on show until 21st of January, 2018.

In July, 2003 UK tabloid newspaper “The Sun” printed a front page article titled “Swan Bake. Asylum Seekers steal the Queen’s birds for barbeques”. The article claims that Eastern European migrants are luring royal birds and barbequing them, the reason being that swans are perceived to be a national delicacy in some Eastern European countries (including Lithuania). The article became a dangerous tool of nationalism and it appeared, strategically, before Baltic countries joined European Union, which meant a great influx of ‘fresh migrants’ into wealthier Western states. And now, in 2017, in the post-BREXIT climate and almost 15 years post the article, I invite you, my dear guest, to witness the tradition that made Britain say GOODBYE to the union. 

The project is partially funded by Lithuanian Cultural Council and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The patron of the project Andrius Tamaliūnas.