6th Birthday!

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Inter-format Symposium, 2015. Photo by Andrej Vasilenko

Hello, dear friends,

Today we have tried to put time on hold for a while – not because it is Sunday, but because we have turned 6! This letter hardly has enough room for a summary of the past years and achievements, and we have almost lost count of the people who did residencies and internships, or simply stayed at the Colony at some point, and then came back again to create and dream, learn and teach, or probably even fall in love. We are happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to contemporary art, culture, and education processes over this period. Therefore we believe there is no point in stopping time even for birthdays, so that we can always keep up with the present.

We thank everyone who has put their trust in us all this time. Today is the day when the number of fingers on one hand is no longer enough to count our years, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time needed to look through all of our shared moments captured in photographs. Thank you for being with us!

Yours, Nida Art Colony Team