Selected Artists-In-Residency for 2017/2018

Project by Tara Langford (UK) during Open Studios in December, 2016. Photo by Julija Navarskaitė

A few months ago we announced an open call for applications for our A-I-R programme at Nida Art Colony between August 2017 and July 2018. Since 2011 the Colony has been hosting about 50 artists, designers, architects, curators and art researchers per year. This year we have received a three-digit number of applications from 40 countries across almost all of the continents. We feel happy and grateful for this enthusiasm!

The artists selected for the 2017/2018 Artist-In-Residency programme:

Anne Glassner (AT)

Annette Arlander (FI)

Austėja Vilkaitytė (LT)

Erik Martinson (CA/LV)

Gabi Schillig (DE)

Heidi Axelsen (AU) & Hugo Moline (AU)

Heike Schäfer (DE)

Hidemi Nishida (JP)

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (JP) & Hans Christian van Nijkerk (NO

Johanna Bruckner (AT)

Katherine Behar (US)

Lydia Nsiah (AT)

Lynette Smith (AU)

Marcel Tarelkin (DE)

Marie Raffn (DK) & Signe Boe (DK)

Marta Forsberg (SE)

Neja Tomšič (SI)

Pål Jomås (NO)

Paulius Petraitis (LT)

Pedro Hurpia (BR)

Serge Ecker (LU)

Takako Yamaguchi (JP)

Tanja Lazetic (SI)

Teodora Nikcevic (ME)

Tomas Grunskis (LT)

Verena Schmidt (DE)

Veronika Burger (AT)

Yen Noh (KR)