The exhibition “It’s the Frame Not the Painting” by former resident Jay Gard in Vilnius


Our former resident Jay Gard opens an exhibition “It’s the Frame Not the Painting” at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius on 7th of September at 7pm. The artist presents a new series of his sculptural objects.

The focus of the exhibition is not the Artwork itself but that which usually supports the Artwork – the Picture Frame. Originally coming from the wood shop, the picture frame separates a painting from the real world. Gard takes a small cut-out of a frame, enlarges it to the size of one up to five meters – and makes it live a life of its own. “It’s the Frame Not the Painting” transforms our understanding of these objects and their significance in the context of the production and promotion of art.

Jay Gard (born 1984 in Halle, Germany) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and University of Art and Design Halle. He has previously amongst other places exhibited in Berlin, Copenhagen and New York. In his artistic work, Jay Gard always balanced and crossed the lines between Art and Design, questioning the basics of an aesthetic form, investigated things, items, and objects which man has been producing over thousands of years. For over a decade, Jay Gard has incessantly been building sculptures, items, and objects. The shapes of his objects are reminiscent of the vector principle of computer graphics. His objects play with function, mimicking or hiding it. Jay Gard does not program; he builds this world with saw, angle grinder, and electric screwdriver.

Curator: Giedrė Malūkaitė

The show will be open until the 21st of October.

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Jay was resident at Nida Art Colony in August, 2016

Sposnsor: Goethe-Institut Lithuania
Friends of the exhibition: Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, VAA Nida Art Colony