Call for 2012 Summer-Autumn Residency Applications till 15th of February

Nida Art Colony invites artists, designers, architects, curators, and art researchers to meet the coming summer and autumn on the Baltic Sea coast in the Curonian Spit National Park. The Colony was opened in March 2011 as a new branch of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania).


Nida Art Colony’s remote location and beautiful surrounding landscape provide the time and inspiring solitude missing from modern urban life. A residency in Nida will meet your expectations if:
●    the intensity of urban life—curators, openings, presentations—consumes all of your time and leaves you without energy to concentrate on artistic practice;
●    you are working with site-specific projects involving local communities, reflecting on the natural and/or cultural environment;
●    you love coincidences and want to meet artists from all over the world in order to collaborate with them now or in the future;
●    you need a large space for experiments—the whole forest and beach can be your studio.

Deadline for residency applications: February 15, 2012 (applications ((please download) to be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Dates and duration of the residencies: 1 to 4 months between June 1 and December 31, 2012. The recommended duration of a residency is 2 months.

Costs: Studio and living space rent is 412 Eur/month (June-September) and 312 Eur/month (October-December), including all taxes, use of equipment, communal spaces, bicycles and the minivan.

Grants: No grants are currently available; selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant seeking.

Conditions: The Colony provides the necessary living and social conditions to ensure a comfortable and unobtrusive coexistence of the five artists-in-residence. Each of the five residencies is set out on two floors with 65 sq. m of floor space and features all the necessary facilities. The colony is situated about 600 metres away from the sand dunes, and a short walk from the beach. For a list of available equipment, see