Events and Rent of Facilities

artistic & educational events

NAC welcomes proposals from other organizations and curators to make cultural or educational events it its premises (including accommodating participants). Check for full renting and accommodation prices and use the the 50% discount given to cultural or educational institutions. If you want to rent our premises and accommodate participants, please download and fill in the application form and send it over to info (a) nicadolony (dot) lt.
You can also apply throughout the year, if there are any free places left after the deadline.


We are inviting artists and curators to organize workshops at Nida Art Colony.
From 15th of May till 15th of July and throughout September, Nida Art Colony is hosting students' workshops from Vilnius Academy of Arts. We are inviting artists and professors to join our workshops as tutors. We are also inviting art academies and universities from abroad to organize collaborative workshops together with our students.


You can rent the facilities of the Colony for your conferences, seminars, meetings. Contact us at info (a) nidacolony (dot) lt for more information. 


We can accommodate 63 people from June to September (summer) and 20 people from October to May (winter). On exceptional occasions, it is possible to heat up all the rooms, thus accommodating 63 people out of season. As of fall 2015 our capacity will be bigger due to the new house, please follow the information or contact us in order to book in advance or to get additional info on the new facilities. As of now, 
there are:
- 3 rooms (3 beds each) with individual facilities available in winter and summer;
- 4 rooms (3 beds each) with communal facilities available in winter and summer;
- 4 rooms (4 beds each) with individual;
- 4 rooms (4 beds each) with communal;
- 10 folding beds to be used in any room.


Residents can use all the communal spaces of the Colony (subject to availability) for their project presentations or their work. The available spaces are:

- multifunctional space A – exhibition room and workshop (96 sq. m., h. 420); 
- multifunctional space B – seminar room and canteen (53 sq. m., h. 420);
- digital image, sound and print laboratory with three workplaces; 
- open-air terrace on the roof of the building (about 100 sq. m.);
- as of fall 2015: multifunctional space (188 sq.m., h.400) for exhibitions, concerts, live performance, film screenings;
- as of fall 2015: multifunctional space (154 sq.m., h. 500) for conferences;
- as of fall 2015: three working spaces for groupwork & workshops (90 sq.m., 100sq.m., 70 sq.m.);
- as of fall 2015: spacious reading room (86 sq.m.)
- as of fall 2015: multifunctional space / dinning room / kitchen with the capacity of up to 60 people in case of cattering of up to a 100 people in case of a coffee break;
- as of fall 2015: a second roof terrace, bridged with the terrace of the first NAC building;
- as of fall 2015: additional rooms in the new NAC facilities.


- video screening and conference equipment (3 projectors, sound system (1500W), mixer, wireless microphone, 2 screens (180 x 180 cm and 200 x 200 cm), 2 TVs, 2 DVDs (Blue Ray));
- colour Epson Pro A2 ink printer (photo quality), colour A3 laser printer;
- broadband wireless internet;
- 1 PC and 2 MAC work stations with Adobe Creative Suite software;
- professional sound recorder (Tascam) with 2 external Rhode microphones (bi/omnidirectional);
- Canon SLR camera and HD video Sony camera;
- basic equipment for wood and metal processing (electrical drills, hammers, saws, polishers, etc.);
- 10 easels.