Young Painter Prize 2011 - main prize AIR in Nida Art Colony

Application to "Young Painter Prize is open". In 2011 the project “Young Painter Prize” is expanding. This year the project welcomes the participation of young artists from three Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). The main aim of the project stays unaltered - to present the brightest and most promising painters of the younger generation and to create an opportunity for public access to such dynamic new art. Moreover, this projects aims to help its target audience in both Lithuania and abroad – art collectors, managers, curators – discover new talent in Lithuania and Baltic States. This project is focused solely on artists under 30 years old from all disciplines who have acquired (or are in the process of acquiring) a diploma in art. The age limit has been imposed deliberately as the organisers wish to concentrate only on those very young artists who have just graduated (or are graduating) universities and have not yet had the opportunity to appear in public. This category of young artists is most vulnerable and has the largest need for support.

Since 2009 the project „Young Painter Prize“ (further on referred to as YPP) aims at opening new ways to publicity for the young artists: to help them be noticed, visible and encouraged. Yet the first project YPP that was organized in 2009 answered the expectations of the organizers. The major part of the artists that have participated in the project YPP were noticed by art curators, collectors and gallerists. As a result of these competitions, YPP finalists and winners have been invited to participate in a number of group and personal exhibitions afterwards.

The most important thing is that talented artists should be appreciated and gain possibilities to improve. Therefore partners capable of providing conditions for artists to live, create and improve in residences are being search for. Together with a solid monetary prize fund, established by the project patrons Dali Van Rooij Rakutyte, Mindaugas Raila and the family of Nicolas Ortiz, the project “Young Painter Prize” also presents two residences. Nida’s Art Colony, a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts, grants the main prize winner with a two months’ residence in Nida, Lithuania, while the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK), joining the project for the second year already, presents a three months’ residence "Artist-in-Residence" in Laudon, Austria, including a scholarship of 2.100 EUR. By the decision of BMUKK this residence is exclusively appointed to a Lithuanian artist, who is elected by the BMUKK commission from the group of Lithuanian artists, selected for the final. It is another unexpected possibility for those that might not occupy the highest positions on YPP’11 evaluation scale comprised as a result of the international commission vote.

Prize fund – support of private art sponsors.

„Young Painter Prize 2011“ patrons:
Dali Van Rooij Rakutyte, Mindaugas Raila and the family of Nicolas Ortiz

The Main Prize of "Young Painter Prize 2011” – 2.500 EUR and two months’ residence in Nida’s Art Colony in Nida resort, Lithuania;

BMUKK prize for a Lithuanian artist: three months’ residence "Artist-in-Residence" in Laudon, Austria (the prize is devoted for the Lithuanian artist selected from ten finalists. The winner of the prize is selected by BMUKK).

Encouraging Prizes:
II nd place winner’s prize: 500 EUR;
III rd place winner’s prize:
„DAILU - VISKAS DAILININKAMS IR MĖGĖJAMS“ presents a cheque of 1000 Lt, for shopping in a store of artists’ resources

Public Prize – DELFI prize.

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