Creative Documentary Thursdays in Nida: "Before Flying Back to Earth"

On the 31st of October Nida Art Colony will host a second Creative Documentary Thursday with documentaries by studio "Nominum". On screen tomorrow, according to the specified programme, will be the film "Before Flying Back to Earth" by Arūnas Matelis, thus the earlier announced film by Arūnas Mickevičius and the authors visit will be postponed to next Thursday.


What do the residents of October 2013 do in Nida Art Colony?

There are six residents in Nida Art Colony at the moment and for the first time in NAC’s history all of them are male. Besides, they are travelling so much (in Lithuania and Europe) that their studios are often left to lean silently in autumnal wind.


Documentary film Thursdays in NAC

On the 24th of October Nida Art Colony invites you to the first screening of the documentary film programme prepared by Studio Nominum. This will be a cosy start for the off-season get together Thursdays in the Colony. 


"Vilnius Film Shorts" are coming to Nida


Nida Art Colony is hosting Symposium “Context in Flux” on remoteness, time and solitude

Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts and three Swedish institutions: The Swedish Exhibition Agency, Baltic Art Center and Art Lab Gnesta, collaborate to produce two symposiums for invited participants. The aim is to develop tools that can assist cultural institutions who work in many overlapping contexts.  

The first symposium (full programme) is happening in Nida Art Colony on 11-14th of October with NAC team members, participants from Swedish partnering institutions


Several things and "Several things"

Although the website hasn't seen any updates lately, Nida Art Colony is in constant action. The last of this years' student practices are taking place here until the end of the week, and with the end of those, our off-season will start. 

During the time we didn't update you as to residents in the colony, Renja Leino, Jonas Jurcikas, Hannah Öllinger and Manfred Rainer have worked here and have already left our silent land of moose and mushrooms.

Meanwhile far out in the Alps a couple of Lithuanian artists - Arunas Gudaitis and Laura Stasiulyte - are in residency in in the framework of collaborative project between Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Vallais and Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts "On Hosting and Displacing: Artistic Residencies and Cultural Production in Remote Contexts". This transdisciplinary project aims to bring into question correspondences between artistic practices and critical tourism. The project is realized with support of Pro Helvetia Warsaw.


"Object and puppet theater" workshops in NAC

On the 23rd of September the "Object and Puppet Theatre" workshops are starting in Nida Art Colony.



Nida Art Colony is looking for Lithuanian artists to reside in Ukraine and Armenia

VAA Nida Art Colony is looking for Lithuanian artists for the residency programmes in Ukraine and Armenia. The programme is being developped in the framework of the project East-West. Lithuanian artists will be invited to the Ukrainian art center IZOLYATSIA in Donetsk and in the art center ACOSS in Yerevan. More information - in the Lithuanian version of the NAC website.