"Can you feel the spill?" - project by NAC Serbian a-i-r's

Can you feel the spill? is a mental, environmental, and socio-political board game; a micro-social practice and a piece of theory all rolled into one. It is conceived as a turn-based strategy game for two players, which deals with a 'glocal' ecological issue of offshore oil drillings and its environmental impacts.


August is a slow motion time in Nida

Although the house is full of people and things keep on moving, Nida Art Colony is suffering resort moods and slow motion. In a funnily touristic vibe of the Nida resort we are nearly starting to feel tourists ourselves. While sitting behind a glass wall of the office, we take our time to watch the passers-by watching us while they pass it on their way to the exhibition "Stories of Holiday Resort : Transparency", taking place in the hangar.


Vernissage of the Exhibition "Stories of Holiday Resort: Transparency"

On the 3rd of August (Saturday) in Nida Art Colony (Taikos st. 43, Neringa, Lithuania) Young artist exhibition opening took place. 

The starting point of the exhibition was the floating stories of holiday resort and the concept of transparency. The exhibition raises questions: What kind of stories develop in resort? How are they created and who is responsible for them: vacationers, resort itself or it’s environment? Or maybe resort is just a myth created to comfort our lives? 



METEO day out in Nida: a techno-ecologies project by Opposite Solutions (RO)

Opposite Solutions began the co-realisation process planned for the time of their Techno-Ecology thematic residence with the Meteo Day Out, a special event which brought together locals, artists and tourists around the main meteorology sensors park in the center of Nida.


Inspiring Stories of Nida

The outcome of the International design management seminar, that took place in Nida Art Colony in April 2013 as organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts and Nordic Council of Minister, is now becoming tangible. On the 1st of August, at 18.00hrs., an exhibition presenting the design management scheme and products for the restaurant "Kitchen" will take place in the restaurant itself.

The project as well as the results were inspired by the numerous legends about the "Neringa" restaurant, a predecessor of "Kitchen": unpublished photos of the building which is an example of the usual soviet modern architecture projects, interview with a waitress of the former restaurant that has served in "Neringa" for many years and thus provided the authors of the project with personal photos etc.


"Only the expanse of snow could be seen, white as this page"

Nida Art Colony Log no.4  (PDF) is finally out, introduced to its readers with a white front page. The theme of the log is "Taking Time", it sums up the events of summer - autumn 2012. Here one will find texts by Bojana Panevska, Jurij Dobriakov, Toni Ledentsa, as well as texts and portfolios by NAC former residents Luca Diffuse, Henning Lundkvist, Steven Connor, Eva-Fiore Kovačovsky, Franziska Nast, Stephen Berens and Elizabeth Bryant, Jennifer Schmidt. There's twice as much in the Log, be our guest to read it, take it out to the beach or open the pages before you fall to sleep, an inspiration is just around the corner (of a page).

All the issues are here as PDFs. Magazine is also printed in 1000 copies.


Appropriated Territories: Attack, Defence and Creation

Exhibition "Appropriated Territories", organized by VAA Nida Art Colony is opening in the most beautiful of Lithuania's national parks, in the Curonian spit, in the context of Thom Mann festival. The festivals theme - "In Search for Homeland" - was inspired by the book by Czesław Miłosz. Thom Mann along with Czesław Miłosz are two world-renowned writers, a German and a Polish, that have worked and lived in Lithuania in their time (Thom Mann has spent a few summers in Nida, while Czesław Miłosz as a child lived in the northern part of Lithuania). Both of them loved their homeland, but given the politic circumstances, their rapport with their homeland was a problematic one.


Walking Tours by NAC resident Nastja Säde Rönkkö

VAA Nida Art Colonies artist in residence Nastja Säde Rönkkö is inviting you to the "Walking Tours". This is a project which will consider the nature of tourism and the subjective experience of remoteness in relation to contemporary network culture's rapidly evolving role in the dissemination and experience of the event.

The walks will use the language of tourism, yet rather than guiding somebody into experience of a place, the walks will seek to become reflections of subjective observations shared by two strangers. Every tour is for one participant only, and the participation is on first come first served basis. Each walk will start and finish at Nida Art Colony, the meeting place will be in front of the office. Upon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , further email will be send with instructions for each specific walk.