Call for Lithuanian Artists to take part in the residency in AiR Krems (AT) in August 2014

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Thursday film: "Don't Look Now"

"Don't Look Now", directed by Nicolas Roeg (1973), is an independent British - Italian film, which is usually described as an occult thriller, but it certainly transgresses the conventions of the genre, concentrating on the psychology of grief.


Jazz on the second day of New Year


Take yourself to NAC on the second Christmas day

Although it's lazy Christmas time, we in Nida Art Colony never stop. Would you?

For the upcoming six Thursdays, starting with the second day of Christmas, 26th of December, we've invited Meno Avilys to present a program of their choice to the colonists and all those in Nida who appreciate good film.



Season's Greetings for 2014 from Nida Art Colony

Snowflakes and dreams - all different, all perfect. Warmest greetings from Nida!

On December 20th the colonists made a surprise for local animals - they went to Parnidis dune to decorate the Christmas tree with carrots, apples, radish (photos).

Pre-Christmas Documentary Thursday in Nida: "Artists" and "33 Animals of Santa Claus"

Although snow is rarely seen in Nida and frost doesn't bite our noses yet, a calendar constantly reminds – holidays are coming. Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve... and then, look, summer is here! Nida Art Colony continues its tradition of film screening on Thursdays – on the 19th of December at 6.00 pm everyone is invited for the pre-Christmas film evening at NAC. What will be on screen?


TechnoEcologies: blog by NAC resident Theun Karelse

Yesterday, December 16, all present inhabitants of Nida Art Colony went to Palanga to see off Dutch artist Theun Karelse (NL), a resident of Techno-ecologies program who stayed in the Colony from November to the middle of December. As a result of his residence, Theun published a blog “TechnoEcologies” where he pointed and shortly described his insights, ideas, discoveries, meetings with local specialists, implemented actions, information sources, spotted animals and lichens, experiences of local weather and landscape, etc. To learn more about Theun’s residency at NAC please browse the website of his blog.

Theun Karelse is currently based in Amsterdam and belongs to FoAM, a cultural laboratory that re-imagines possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life.


NAC call for residency applications, curatorial proposals and a trainee for 2014-2015

Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (NAC) welcomes proposals from emerging and experienced artists, designers, architects, curators and art researchers/writers/philosophers for its upcoming (2014-2015) remote residencies on the Baltic Sea coast in the Curonian Spit National Park, Lithuania.