Cooltūristės: Antropology of the Underground

Last summer (August 2013) artist group Cooltūristės was on residency in Nida Art Colony curated residency programme "Critical Tourism". During their stay the artists were working on an artistic research project with a goal to document the invisible life in Neringa. 

They were knocking on the doors of the locals in order to find out where do the locals go when they rent our their appartments and whole houses to the summer tourists; where do penny-less students and low-income families come for their vacation. Through a photo-camera lense the artists were seeking to understand how these unusual life conditions trigger creativity and what sort of daily rituals are forming in this unseen millieu. 

The outcome of the project - a photo exhibition - will be presented in "Agila" culture and tourist information center (Taikos g.4) on the 11th of August, and will run up to the 1st of September. All are welcome to the opening at 19.00 on the 11th of August. 

Nida Doctoral Summer School to Start in a Week

One week left to the start of the second Nida Doctoral Summer School ARTISTIC RESEARCH: THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE. Although Jacques Rancière will not come to Nida this time, his texts on the concept of the image and politics of contemporary art will be examined and  discussed by a group of twenty researchers from seven European Universities. Rancière fans from outside the project are welcome to the lectures and discussions on August 11-15, 18 and 21. Read more...

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Migrating Art Academies: Call for Applications

Creative MigAA workshop, entitled "The Sun Had Exploded Before We Found Out It Would", will take place on the 1st - 15th of September in Nida, Lithuania. During the workshop emerging artists will be encouraged to creatively explore scientific news and to exercise their imagination by answering or speculating the questions of being, space and depth. 

Application deadline for the new MigAA laboratory is July 31st. For statements, please use our online application form. Invited artists will be granted travel costs and accommodation.


Graphic Art Workshop ar NAC

Yet another July in Nida Art Colony, and just as last year, we are happy to welcome you to the summer workshop of Graphic Art / Printmaking. The workshops will take place on the following dates:

July 16, 17
July 23, 24, 25
July 30, 31
August 1, 6, 7, 8
(Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, except July 18th)

The participants will print using traditional etching press, create color paper prints and even T-shirts, fabric bags and aprons if the participants will provide them for themselves.

Tutor: VAA lector Marija Marcelionytė

Where: Nida Art Colony, Taikos st. 43
Near Nida camping
When: 18.30
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 45 Lt
Information and sign up: +370 621 53979
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

July Buzz in NAC Residencies

In July Nida Art Colony is providing all present with an immersive experience of insect buzz on hot summer days, cold Baltic sea bathing sessions, sweat-breaking exercise of climbing up and down the hill to reach the only shopping spot in the perimeter of a few dozen kilometers, as well as a wonderful panoramic of the construction site of NAC house no.2, fabulously changing day by day. The rhythm is about to slow down in the main building (never in the hammering battlefield of the construction site though!) - most of the student practices will be over by mid-july, while the artist studios are buzzing with much more than just insect songs. Just reminding us that there is no summer holidays for the artistic process - it happens whenever it needs to.


A Book "Tourists Like Us: Critical Tourism and Contemporary Art" is launched to hit the tourism season


On 3rd of July at 6pm we are discussing and playing the book "Tourists Like Us: Critical Tourism and Contemporary Art" in Vilnius (Titanikas, Maironio st. 3, Vilnius, room 325). Right after the intro to the book, we will get our hands on meeting with artists in Nida in virtual envinronment - Nida Death Match game (please bring your own laptop if you want to join). The game was developed by artist Yulia Starstev as a contribution to the Inter-format symposium on Critical Tourism in 2013. More of the contributions from this event are also present in the book.

This book (fragments in PDF) opens up a new field of discussion at the crossroads between contemporary art and critical tourism. As common ground for theoretical inquiry and artistic research, the notion of critical tourism asks us to question again our understanding of authenticity, the tourist gaze, the museification of landscape, the visual construction of place, post-romanticism, contemporary exoticism, site-specificity and global connectedness. The book specifically explores the role of the artist, and of the art institution, in the age of destination culture. How are individual and institutional practices changing in an era of hosting, hospitality, displacing and cultural nomadism?


Res Artis Regional Meeting 2014 to take place in Vilnius and Nida in October

On the 2-5th of October Res Artis regional meeting, organized by Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts in co-operation with Res Artis and Arts Printing House will take place in the facilities of Vilnius Academy of Art in both Vilnius and Nida (Nida Art Colony). The theme of the meeting is "Escape and Engagement: Residencies as Hosts, Producers and Promoters".


After Inter-Format Symposium 2014 "On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Ecosystems": Photo Story


Tending the Wild: aesthetics & interspecies politics in a changing landscape (discussion and fieldtrip) / Theun Karelse (NL)(Photo by Justin Tyler Tate)

In 2014 the 4th Inter-format symposium is a part of the larger Techno-ecologies project (2012-2014) run in cooperation with RIXC (Latvia) and other partners like Sattelietgroep (NL), Pixelache (SCO/FIN), Finnish Society of Bioart (AT/FI).
The Inter-Format Symposium 2014 "On flux of sand and aquatic ecosystems" is main yearly Nida Art Colony event which is a merge between academic conference, art festival and cosy performative meeting of interdisciplinary professionals. The Symposium's goal is to gather artists, curators, researchers, scientists and practitioners and reinvent the format of presenting and sharing art, knowledge and experience: See more photos: