Nida Art Colony is looking for Lithuanian artists to reside in Ukraine and Armenia

VAA Nida Art Colony is looking for Lithuanian artists for the residency programmes in Ukraine and Armenia. The programme is being developped in the framework of the project East-West. Lithuanian artists will be invited to the Ukrainian art center IZOLYATSIA in Donetsk and in the art center ACOSS in Yerevan. More information - in the Lithuanian version of the NAC website.

Drifting as a process and as a result | Collective Synops | NAC 2013

Collective Synops’s work for the Critical Tourism residency is the creation of a blog that is uploaded from Switzerland and Lithuania for all the month of August 2013. This blog is a platform where the Collective’s members can share their impressions and their experiences about the place where they are and their status as inhabitant and tourist, through their artistic practice.


Contraband. A Challenge for Young Artists

Once we hear the word „contraband“, we imagine dark coloured images straigt away – drugs, human trafficking, illegal cigarettes. However Vilnius Art Academy invites to look at this phenomenon from a wider point of view. Participants of Migrating Art Academies from different European countries will gather for a creative workshop organised in Nida Art Colony 1-15 September and will try to give this word a different meaning. All lectures during this event will be open to public.


Danius Kesminas: everybody's talking about walls and me - about how to break them

Artist Danius Kesminas is Australian of a Lithuanian origin and yet while on residency in Nida Art Colony, it was only his second time in Lithuania. He says it's impossible to manage something in only one month of a residency and that's exactly what most will agree with - time in Nida has a different pace.


Wilhelm Klotzek: writing stories and tracing presences

This summer, for the second time, Nida Art Colony was hosting a resident grant holder of the Goethe Institut. Last year the collaboration brought to us Franzisca Nast and her great posters that have been exhibited in the facilities of Nida Church and later in Vilnius Academy of Arts. This year it was a Berlin based German artist Wilhelm Klotzek. His artistic practices are concentrating on text: writing it, reading it, performing it, objectifyint it. His interest lie in scratching the surface of the history, retelling stories, searching for the essence, delwing into the oblivion.


"Can you feel the spill?" - project by NAC Serbian a-i-r's

Can you feel the spill? is a mental, environmental, and socio-political board game; a micro-social practice and a piece of theory all rolled into one. It is conceived as a turn-based strategy game for two players, which deals with a 'glocal' ecological issue of offshore oil drillings and its environmental impacts.


August is a slow motion time in Nida

Although the house is full of people and things keep on moving, Nida Art Colony is suffering resort moods and slow motion. In a funnily touristic vibe of the Nida resort we are nearly starting to feel tourists ourselves. While sitting behind a glass wall of the office, we take our time to watch the passers-by watching us while they pass it on their way to the exhibition "Stories of Holiday Resort : Transparency", taking place in the hangar.


Vernissage of the Exhibition "Stories of Holiday Resort: Transparency"

On the 3rd of August (Saturday) in Nida Art Colony (Taikos st. 43, Neringa, Lithuania) Young artist exhibition opening took place. 

The starting point of the exhibition was the floating stories of holiday resort and the concept of transparency. The exhibition raises questions: What kind of stories develop in resort? How are they created and who is responsible for them: vacationers, resort itself or it’s environment? Or maybe resort is just a myth created to comfort our lives?