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 Hannah Mooney & Emile Crowther (UK) studijoje. Julijos Navarskaitės nuotrauka.
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Call for contributions for the 5th Inter-format symposium on time (and inter-formativity)

Deadline 31st of May, Symposium dates 22–25 August, 2015, Nida

This year marks the fifth iteration for the international symposium and aims to reflect its own course, with the focus on artistic and academic notions of time and inter-formativity itself. The participatory nature of the symposium—between a conference and an art festival—brings together 30–40 professionals for three days and nights to an intensive sharing and working environment.

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Open call for Nida Doctoral School residency and courses: “Smoke and Mirrors—Staged Arguments and the Legitimation of Artistic Research”

Deadline for proposals: 31 May 2015

If science is a fairytale that is hard to disbelieve (Bruno Latour), then scientific research is nothing but scripting fiction. What’s more, the latter is the domain of art. Be it truthful deceit, legitimate hocus-pocus, or real fiction, such a story requires a great deal of creativity and knowledge in carrying out such a persuasion. The persuasion will be carried out at the residencies, inaugural courses and opening forum of the Nida Doctoral School by artists, curators, professors (featuring Anthony Dunne, Timothy Ingold and Fiona Raby, among others) and doctoral students.

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Lietuvos paviljono atidarymas 56-ojoje Venecijos meno bienalėje

Dainius LiškevičiusThe Monument, Dainius Liškevičius
Gegužės 7 – Rugsėjo 30 2015

Atidarymas: gegužės 6 d., 17.00 su menininko performansu

Palazzo Zenobio sodas
Fondamenta Soccorso
Dorsoduro 2596
Venecija, Italija

Darbo laikas: Trečiadienis - pirmadienis 10.00–18.00



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Rezidentai Nidoje 2015-ųjų balandis

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Elizabeth McTernan, Holly Mclean, Laurie Lax, Živilė Etevičiūtė, Ida Divinzenz, Amy Hancock-Martin. Lino Ramanausko nuotrauka

Balandžio mėnesį į Nidos meno koloniją atvyko menininkės: Laurie Lax (UK), Holly Mclean (UK), Elizabeth McTernan (US/ DE), Ida Divinzenz (AT), Amy Hancock-Martin (UK).

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